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Connection. Compassion. Curiosity.

OUR VISION: Healthy, happy, people and planet.

OUR MISSION: Provide the best Intentional Adventure experiences on the planet. 

Intentional Adventure is about maximizing the potential for transformative adventure by working with participants prior to departure to set physical and emotional or behavioral intentions about what they want from the adventure. We then work to facilitate and support the experience itself before working with participants to integrate what they’ve learned and felt on their adventure into their daily lives, as well as making referrals to additional services and support-all so that participants can live a life more closely to how they imagine their best life would be with more joy and deeper connections to themselves and others.


Connection: community, environment, regeneration, outdoors, friendship, love, integrity, honesty, family

Compassion: empathy, love, levity, joy, health

Curiosity: adventure, optimism, freedom, flexibility, making a difference, fun, learning, humor


People are already perfect. Most however, are required to make adaptations in response to their environment because the world they came into did not always match their needs. The world can be a confusing and frightening place. It may not meet our needs, actively preventing us from getting what we require for survival. When this happens, a series of negative and complicated self-beliefs grow alongside whatever positives occur. We adapt to protect ourselves, survive, move forward, and even thrive through some level of success. These adaptations come at a high cost starting normally with some level of disconnection from self, family, or the world. We believe these adaptations are what all people do, even as they seek methods for a deeper connection to the world, more joy, and living the lives they imagine would be their best.

Who We Serve: 

We support organizations, groups, individuals, couples, and families, to live in a way that allows for the abundance of opportunity, joy, and the ability to positively adapt to a rapidly changing world. We allow for, and encourage individual journeys within a group setting. We respect that silence and sharing are both sacred.  Many of our participants are looking for support in making big life or organizational decisions or who are seeking the ability to move closer towards the life they imagined.

Activating the Mission:

Our trips are a ton of fun! It doesn’t matter how experienced in the outdoors someone is or is not. Happy Grizzly is an exploration about what it is to be human. What it is to be human with your body, your mind, and your experiences. We take care of all of the logistics around daily travel, risk management, cooking, where to go the bathroom, etc. so you can be-even as we do-engage in outdoor adventure. This exploration is surrounded by a supported, self-driven, physical and emotional intention to help you figure out what you want from the adventure, as well as connecting with you when you get home to integrate what you felt and learn into your daily life.

Step 1, Intention.

We learn about you. What do you feel is inspiring or limiting you from reaching towards or imagining the fullest, healthiest, most connected life? We partner with you to determine a physical, as well as an emotional, spiritual, or intellectual intention for why you are joining us on the adventure and what you want out of it.

Step 2, Adventure.

We adventure with you. In partnership with the adventure group, we create a space to celebrate all that you feel, learn, and experience during the adventure. We’re able to address any issues that come up during the adventure that you feel may need specific attention. We provide light facilitation and daily connections with the rest of the group where silence and sharing are equally sacred and equally encouraged.

Step 3, Integration.

We support and offer resources to you after the adventure to integrate the experience, your feelings, and thoughts, into your daily life. This can develop into a long-term partnership as needed.

Outcomes: Participants, couples, families, and organizations leave Happy Grizzly happy, more connected, more joyful, and more optimistic about what they’re doing in their personal and professional lives today and into the future. In turn this creates greater health, less stress, better problem solving and increased resilience.

But Why: You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be healthy.

Globally, we know that the world is stressed. People’s mental health is under enormous pressure of a rapidly changing world. We know, because we helped spearhead the research about the power of the outdoors. The transformative power of adventure is often too happenstance. When we get back home, our existing default world rushes back in crowding out the ideas, emotions, and excitement, we thought about on the trail that we want to harness in our everyday lives. We give you the best chance to have an incredible and transformative experience faster, stay longer in that good feeling of stoke and awe, and help you integrate what you felt and learned better into your life breaking down whatever barriers or anchors may have been in your way from living the life you imagine.

Leadership and Skill Sets:

These are the things you can expect out of Happy Grizzly Adventures and what we weave into every experience. If you're interested in a custom experience we can amp up, or dial down certain aspects of this work to integrate it into your organization's .

  1. Mental and behavioral health led by Koorosh Rassekh. Koorosh is a global leader in trauma informed care. He has ten plus years of experience in providing direct support to a wide range of clients who have found his approach to addiction, substance use, and developmental, generational, and family trauma to be highly successful. Koorosh has consistently used the outdoors in his practice. He is a highly respected and globally sought-after instructor and teacher of these same methods. He is also adept at helping folks who are doing well, but feeling stuck, challenged, or unsure of what comes next, to take those next steps. Koorosh’s family immigrated to the United States when he was a child and he spent years trying to figure out how to fit into larger society, which has helped form his approach to mental and behavioral health.

  2. Outdoor experiences and adventure led by Stacy Bare. Stacy is National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, leading advocate for outdoors as health, and global expedition leader responsible for adventures that have included first ascents and descents of climbs and skis in Angola, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Stacy is a military veteran and former explosive ordnance disposal technician with service in Bosnia, Iraq, Angola, and Abkhazia. Stacy is deeply connected to the world of adventure and can help organize, lead, or connect to outfitters for expeditions around the world from paddles and white water for all ability on North American rivers and lakes, gentle backpacking and backcountry skiing trips, to remote mountaineering in Alaska and the great ranges of the world, to skiing off of sailboats in Svalbard, or fly fishing in urban rivers.

  3. Individual Engagement to support connection, joy, resiliency and health.

  4. Organizational and Relationship Facilitation to build teams, expand leadership, think through strategy, and problem solve from couples to families to multi-billion-dollar organizations.

  5. Meditation and mindfulness experiences.

  6. Healthy and wholesome eating and meal preparation.

  7. Technical tips, tricks, and advice to get the most out of any adventure before, during, and after.

  8. Concierge of services, support, and referral to help adventurers take the next step towards the life they want to lead physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We can help individuals, couples, families, and organizations live in a way that allows for the necessary connection to self, others, and the broader world. When these connections are made, we believe people will find an abundance of opportunity, joy, and the ability to positively adapt to a rapidly changing world. We allow for and encourage individual journeys within a group setting as we all move on to our fuller selves, our next success and inevitably, our next mistake. We respect that silence and sharing are both sacred.  

Use the contact form or shoot us an email at info[@]happygrizzlyadventures.com to get in touch!


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