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Explore your internal landscape through external landscapes.

Our mission is to provide intentional adventure as a means to greater joy and deeper connections for all people translating into a healthier world for all.

Our vision is a world full of people unencumbered by the stories of stress, struggle, pain, shame, or trauma of their past and present moving confidently towards a kinder, more connected future.

What:  Over a long weekend, during a few consecutive lunch times, after work adventure hours, or in multi-day expeditions, Happy Grizzly brings together a group of adventurers supported by trained mental health guides and outdoor professionals. Happy Grizzly helps you set a physical and mental or emotional intention before the adventure, supports the adventure experience, engages in lightly facilitated campfire conversations throughout the adventure, and the integrates what you felt, learned, and experienced into your daily lives. A lot of participants seek additional information after the experience. We aim to be a concierge for whatever additional support our participants need from information on expanding technical outdoor skills, outdoor focused fitness programs, or a deeper dive into personal, family, or work relationships.

Why: You deserve joy, deep connection to yourself, your loved ones, and your community. You deserve to have fun and to feel like you're enough. Because your health matters.

We know Americans in particular are dangerously stressed, anxious, and disconnected from themselves, each other, and the environment.

We know through research completed in partnership with the Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkeley that time outdoors has significant physiological and psychological benefits. Time outdoors, most often when you feel the emotion of awe, reverses inflammation, lowers stress hormones, increases prosocial behavior, and has a demonstrated 19 to 27% reduction in stress and post traumatic stress symptoms. There’s a strong indication that outdoor adventure can also improve sleep.

Who: You. Your friends. Your colleagues. Your family.

If you want more joy, more fun, deeper connections to yourself, your family, and your community; if you want to cultivate a greater sense of presence and acceptance of yourself to more clearly recognize that you're worthy of good; if you are curious about what comes next in your own life as you move through a transition; or if you just want to be here because you think it would be cool--you are welcome here.

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