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Happy Grizzly COVID-19 Protocols

As we all continue to navigate COVID-19, we want you to know that your health and all of our safety is our top priority. We also want to honor each person’s privacy and risk tolerance.

Please see below how we will be approaching COVID on our trip, and see at the bottom an optional call to action to communicate your preferences.

  •  We ask that everyone take a Covid-19 test of their choosing on the day of their departure to the meeting place for their Happy Grizzly Adventure and don't travel if it is positive.

  • We will mask up in vehicles and will follow all rules the outfitter has in place as well as CDC guidelines

  • We will do our best to uphold the standard of the most concerned individual and will mask indoors whenever requested. We will not mask up outside

  • If you are symptomatic on the trip we may ask you to take a rapid test.

  • If you are on a trip that requires indoor or shared lodging and would feel most comfortable staying with someone else who is vaccinated, you will have the opportunity to let us know prior to the trip indicating that preference. We will work to accommodate this preference. Please share your vaccine status and the vaccine status you’d prefer to lodge with during the adventure.

If you are not comfortable with what we have in place and chose not to adventure with us, choose not to test, or are positive, we will do our best, no questions asked, to give you a full refund minus costs that may be unrecoverable to us to include outfitter deposits.