Adventure Details | What To Expect

Set Intention | Each trip begins with an intention setting meeting with one of our trained mental health team members. 

This is where you bring mindfulness to what it is that you want to experience on your adventure. 

Adventure | While on our trip, the group is lightly facilitated in [optional] group or individual conversations. These conversations often result in deep connection between group members as well as connection to self and the environment around you. 

Integrate | Once we arrive back home, you have an Integration Session available to you from our trained mental health staff. 

This is a really unique and important element of the Happy Grizzly Adventure. This is where you have the opportunity to ask questions or gain support in integrating whatever you learned or experienced on your outdoor adventure into your everyday life. 

Rafting | Rio Grande in Big Bend

Skiing | Cooke City

*Hotel Trip

Rafting | Gates of Lodore

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04-2021_happy grizzly in cooke city_aberman photo_jpeg00142.JPG

 Agenda | Jan 13-17, 2022

Agenda | Feb 20-23, 2022

Agenda | Sept. 8-11, 2022

1/13 | Arrive in Terlingua by 7pm (or arrive at Midland-Odessa airport by 2pm for Happy Grizzly Shuttle to Terlingua). We will stay in Terlingua for the night. 

1/14 | Put on river early morning. River Day! 

1/15 | River Day!

(~7am wakeup, 5-8 hours on water, hang time and convos around camp, dinner, campfire hangs, bed time ~9-11pm)

1/16 | River Day! Take off river ~3pm. Spend night in cabins in Terlingua

1/17 | Shuttle to airport ~7am

2/20 | Arrive at Bozeman airport by 1:30pm or in Cooke City by 7pm. (Happy Grizzly will run a shuttle from airport)

2/21 | Ski Day! 

(~7am wakeup, breakfast + conversation, ski 5-8 hours, back to hotel for rest, dinner and group conversation)

2/22 | Ski Day!

2/23 | Ski Day! Shuttle for Bozeman airport departing between 4-5pm

9/3 | Arrive at SLC airport by 3pm for shuttle to Vernal. Or arrive at OARS Warehouse by 6pm for orientation. Group campsites available at Vernal KOA

9/4 | 7am meeting at OARS warehouse, drive to river. Afternoon raft to campsite

9/5 | River Day! (~7am wakeup, breakfast + conversation, raft 4-6 hours, dinner, rest and group conversation, campfire hangs, 9-11pm bedtime) 

9/5 | River Day! 

9/6 | River Day! 

9/7 | River Day - Taking out around 2-4pm. Back to Vernal around 5pm. Shuttles back to SLC between 8-10pm.

Rafting | Westwater Canyon

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Agenda | May 2 - 4, 2022

5/1 | Arrive at the OARS Warehouse in Moab by 6pm for our pre-trip meetings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, shoot us an email at!

What is included in the cost of my trip?

The cost of each Happy Grizzly Adventure goes to...

  • Payment for our outstanding guides (including permitting and insurance)

  • Payment for Happy Grizzly admin costs

  • Payment for Happy Grizzly Mental Health team members for intention + integration sessions

  • Food + Drink on trip

  • Sleeping accommodations while on trip

  • Shuttle costs to/from airport

What if I can't pay the full price of a trip but i'd really love to go?

Accessibility and Inclusion are two of our values, and we aim to make our adventures available to you whenever we can. 
If you are interested in a Happy Grizzly Adventure but cannot pay the full price, please email us at info@happygrizzlyadventures to begin the conversation of what a scholarship trip could look like.

Questions about food + drink?

We feel strongly that our company values of sustainability and ethics must also be present in the food and drink we serve while on trips. 
We work with our outfitters to find the best food possible to feed you on our trips. 
We prioritize food and drink that is organic, non GMO and low in added sugar. We also aim to buy from companies that aim to limit packaging and offer a good experience for their employees.

How is a Happy Grizzly Adventure different from any other guided trip?

We believe in the power of nature to heal, transform, invigorate and connect human beings. We know that simply being in nature is good for us, and we have the skills and intention to enhance this process. 

Our mental health team is trained in Compassionate Inquiry - a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world. 

It is with the belief that all human beings are already perfect that we approach each interaction with our community. 

A Happy Grizzly Experience can open doorways to novel insight, experiences and connection. 

What if I don't have the right gear? Or the means to acquire the right gear?

Once you sign up for a trip, you will receive a detailed packing list of recommended and required gear. If you need help acquiring or understanding the gear required for a trip, please reach out to us! We'd be happy to support you in this. 
(email us at