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Guides to the Internal Landscape

Our trained internal landscape guides use a process designed to cultivate awe and maximize the transformative power of adventure to ensure your trip is more than a great memory.

This starts with intention setting prior to the adventure to figure out what you want and need out of your adventure. What is holding you back and what is propelling you forward? 

During the adventure, we are there with you. The same person who helped you set your intention will be with you throughout the adventure to support facilitation of the experience. 

Our inner landscape guides help you connect what you're feeling and experiencing back to your intention. They are present to support you in whatever comes up throughout the experience. This might even be a changing of intention. 

Then comes the Integration. Your internal landscape guide will work with you to help you integrate what you experienced into your everyday life. This includes sharing resources that will support you in whatever comes next for you. 

It is through this thorough, holistic approach that we see Happy Grizzly Adventures having a lasting and transformational impact on our community. 

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Our Belief About People

We think you’re awesome! And we think we’re awesome too! For us though, it took remembering how good it felt to play, to belong without question, vs. trying to contort, cut, or add on to ourselves to try and fit into a world that otherwise didn’t want us as we are. How do you think you’d feel if you remembered how to play, that you are already perfect, that there is a place, several places where you can belong, where you can connect?

We believe people are already awesome, perfect even.

 Most of us however, have to make adaptations in response to their environment because the world they came into does not always match their needs. The world can be a confusing and frightening place. It may not meet our needs, actively preventing us from getting what we require for survival.

When this happens, a series of negative and complicated self-beliefs grow alongside whatever positives occur. We adapt to protect ourselves, survive, move forward, and even thrive. These adaptations come at a high cost starting normally with some level of disconnection from self, family, or the world. These adaptations are what all people do while also seeking methods for deeper connection and more joy.

We also believe, you have the wisdom inside of you to live how you want to live and work towards choosing, or taking, or making a different path that leads you towards the life you imagine. 

Remember you’re awesome.