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Cooke City 2021 | Trip Recap

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Our group experience began on our first evening in our hotel in Cooke City. Our group quickly got to know one another and began enjoying the benefits of what shared spaces and good community offers.

On our first morning, the entire group set out for an incredible day of backcountry skiing. With skiers and riders being towed behind snow machines for 10 miles, we found pristine spring corn bowls. Our group returned home wildly stoked and exhausted.

On day 2, we began walking on a skin track right from town. As we traveled through the trees, we admired the magical views of the canyons that surrounded us. On our walk, we learned of the history and ecology of the valley, creating an even deeper sense of connection to the land.

On day 3, our group split into 2 smaller groups, 1 choosing to ski, the other choosing to take a tour of Yellowstone National Park, accompanied by an incredible bear ecologist. Each group had a unique and incredibly fun experience closing out the last day of our trip.

We completed our trip over breakfast on Day 4 before heading to the airport.

This group fell into a natural place of connection very quickly, making for a powerful 3 days to follow. It makes us strongly look forward to our upcoming Cooke City trips in 2022 and 2023!

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