Being outside and engaged in physical activity, whether that’s just sitting and breathing deep, or climbing a mountain top, offers a direct experience of your authentic self. 

​​We know through research completed in partnership with the Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkeley that time outdoors has significant physiological and psychological benefits. Time outdoors reverses inflammation, lowers stress hormones, increases prosocial behavior, and has a demonstrated 19 to 27% reduction in stress and post traumatic stress symptoms. There’s a strong indication that outdoor adventure can also improve sleep.

You put yourself in the way of beauty. You give yourself a chance to feel awe. In nature, you belong by virtue of being. You learn that having a sense of awe and stoke is part of the very fabric of who you are. The external adventure you’re on can parallel a powerful internal journey that may bring up emotions, feelings, and ideas that you have not engaged with in a long time, if ever. 

All too often though, we have these big feelings and thoughts, good or bad, and don't know what to do with them or how to talk about them. That's why we help you set an intention before you go on the adventure to find out what you want from the experience; on the adventure with you so you can feel comfortable and safe having a conversation with someone who knows how to have these conversations and can listen and support your needs; and why we follow up after the experience to figure out how to integrate what you learned and felt into your every day life.

Many of us stumbled on the power of the outdoors--and stumbled in trying to suss out what we learned and saw in the wild had to do with our lives inside. We want to ease that journey and that starts by helping you to set an intention for what you want--even if that's acknowledging you just don't know.

We jump into the journey together.

Too many times, people seeking the transformative power of the outdoors and adventure, are left wanting without having support on hand to process the deep emotions and big questions that often arise outdoors.

We walk the path with you.

Too many times, the epiphanies and aha moments people have in the wild, are left by the wayside, a deflated dream, if there's no one to help integrate those thoughts, or answer the questions, when you get home. 

We stay with you.

The preparation, intention setting, and integration work will help you better understand what you’re feeling. We stand with you as you engage in these powerful experiences to help you ensure that rather than just becoming memories of peak experiences, they become transformative.

What all this means to you, is that time outdoors measurably lowers stress, puts you in the best position to experience, awe, joy and witness beauty. You'll walk away feeling more connected to yourself and others in your life. 


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